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Omnivores or Herbavores?

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Edward Hawkins
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Re: Omnivores or Herbavores?

#41 Post by Edward Hawkins » October 12th, 2008, 10:36 am

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I use Asda's own brand yeast extract. It is cheaper than Marmite and I prefer the taste.

Sorry I posted this in the wrong place. I can't find any way to delete it.

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Alan C.
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Re: Omnivores or Herbavores?

#42 Post by Alan C. » October 12th, 2008, 8:39 pm

Perhaps it is I, living in New York CIty, who lives at the edge of civilization.
I think you might have something there :wink:
I work with hydroponics, all my fruit trees are hydroponic, I also have four large polly tunnels (I'm currently clearing out some dead trees to make room for another)

Now I'm really jealous. :notworthy:
I must hold my hand up at this point and say, I only have one of each fruit tree, but there are only two of us so that does us
, I do have LOTS of strawberries though.
It is still, however, difficult for me to accept the possibility that one can fully treat animals with the utmost of respect and look after them as best as possible whilst raising them for slaughter.
We live in different worlds erasmusinfinity, livestock has been a way of life here for thousands of years, and as such, Shetlanders look after their livestock.
If a sheep is ill they call out the vet, and maybe pay three times the value of the sheep just to have it treated, it's not like the factory farming that you are maybe used to, up until recently (last 50 years) the stock was kept in the house during winter, for two reasons, it kept the animals sheltered from the worst of the weather, and the crofters had the benefit of the body heat given off by the cows and sheep. Even today there are people here who keep sheep in the house during severe weather. (of which we get plenty)
And it still strikes me as the surest method of avoiding their mistreatment to not take part whatsoever in meat production.
As I've said above, your idea of meat production, and the actual way my meat is produced, are probably two very different things.

And it still strikes me as the surest method of avoiding their mistreatment to not take part whatsoever in meat production.
But as I've already said, I don't believe there is any mistreatment of animals involved in the production of the meat and fish I eat, as I said earlier, we live in different worlds and I believe it's your world that needs to change, not mine.
Best to you. Alan.

Edited to add.
It's refreshing to talk to a vegetarian who can see both sides of the coin, and is willing to discuss it. Thanks.
Abstinence Makes the Church Grow Fondlers.

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Re: Omnivores or Herbavores?

#43 Post by Hippolyta » August 27th, 2009, 9:04 am

I have no doubt that I, personally am *not* a natural omnivore. I vomit if I try to digest meat or milk :sick: (wow, there's even an emoticon for that) It's not something that developed from not eating started when I was a child, and only got better when meat was taken out of the equation.

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Re: Omnivores or Herbavores?

#44 Post by Lethe » September 12th, 2009, 3:28 pm

I think we are omnivores, but this is only due to our brain size, so previously we may have been herbivores. i.e. we dont have proper claws and our canines are not like most carnivores or even omnivores like pigs and dogs. Without a large brain to set traps and learn to corner prey and make weapons, we could not have natrually killed any animal that wasnt tame (and we'd have a hard time with large tame animals too.)

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