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Although there is no God, Heaven DOES exist nonetheless

Any topics that are primarily about humanism or other non-religious life stances fit in here.
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Although there is no God, Heaven DOES exist nonetheless

#1 Post by Iamtheman » November 23rd, 2017, 2:22 am

Just to assure people. I am an atheist so this is not a religious rant. It is founded on science. It is as short as I could compose it in order to retain an adequate description of the theory.

Most sensible people in general no longer believe that Heaven [as a genuine place where our soul can exist for all eternity] actually exists. The reason for this is because the concept of heaven has been hijacked by religion. The clumsy description of Judgement Day, the resurrection of the dead and ascension to Heaven [[as depicted by western religions] only serves to make the concept of Heaven preposterous and unbelievable. The existence of Heaven according to the Western religion is also intertwined and equivalent with the existence of God. Western religion postulates that Heaven only exists because God created it. Therefore, no God = no Heaven.

Perhaps the desire that your soul should go to Heaven after you die ( that our consciousness will continue to exist for eternity in paradise ), is the true reason and the impetus for people - who appear otherwise to be relatively intelligent people - but who continue to believe in the existence of a God deity [despite all the scientific evidence to the contrary]. To these religious people, abandoning God is equivalent to abandoning the hope that your soul will go to Heaven. There is also the fear of the concept of the finality of our consciousness - that after we die, our consciousness expires also.

There is a good reason why most atheists tend to be of above average intelligence. They way up the objective evidence and come to the most rational conclusion that there is no such thing as a God deity. However by coming to this conclusion, atheists have also abandoned forever the concept of humans possessing a soul and also the concept that your soul can enter Heaven. By doing so, atheists have thrown the baby out with the bathwater.

The concept of Heaven as being a reward for living a good life has been diluted to obscurity. When people speak of the deceased, they are usually referred to as 'they'll be looking down' on the proceedings. Even although the deceased may have been an evil bastard whilst they lived. It seems nowadays that everyone goes to Heaven when they die.

I have formulated a theory which states that even although there is no God, that Heaven exists nonetheless and is an actual place where our soul can go after we die. The theory states that the concept of the reincarnation of the soul in an infinite cycle of physical deaths and rebirths in a different body on every occasion is real. What's more, is that I can prove that the theory is correct through the application of Cosmology, General relativity and Quantum physics.

The theory [as brief as I can cut it down in order to retain an adequate description] is as follows:

This universe in which we exist is but one of an infinity of separate and unique individual universes [The theory is a version of the multiverse theory]. Within that infinity of universes there exists planets just like Earth, where intelligent creatures populate it's surface. And within that infinity of planets with intelligent creatures, there exists civilisations who have evolved over eons of time to a situation where there is a period of global harmony on that particular planet. The particular period of time when this epoch occurs [compared to the lifetime of the planet] may be relatively brief and fleeting - but when you apply the mathematics of infinity, the existence of such civilisations in an infinite multiverse is an odds on certainty.

To all intents and purposes, the inhabitants who happen to exist at that particular epoch time on that particular planet are existing in an equivalence of a global paradise. It takes no stretch of the imagination to assume that such a society could only exist where there is compassion, tolerance, empathy and love and where sin is absent. (With regard to the concept of sin, whenever any 2 people or community of people voluntarily and mutually partake in any form of behaviour where there is no coercion or exclusivity and no other living organism is being harmed, it is therefore not a sin).

Every living organism possesses an eternal soul and is the present living custodian of that soul. The soul of a living organism is manifested and represented by the free will which that organism possesses. [ In quantum physics, free will is represented by a specific wavelength frequency]. However because of our level of intelligence, only human beings possess the ability to ensure that their soul will enter Heaven at the moment of their death.

All matter in the universe [including planets] emits Electromagnetic radiation. The EM radiation which is radiated from any given planet can be seen as interference lines in the planet's EM spectrum. All living organisms also emit EM radiation. In respect of the EM radiation which is emitted globally by the living organisms which populate the surface of any given inhabited planet, this 'living' EM radiation represents the collective consciousness which is being emitted from the planet. As such, the EM radiation interference lines on the EM spectrum of any given planet will necessarily also include the Free Will wavelength frequency of the collective consciousness of the living beings who populate it's surface.

All EM radiation propagates outward from the source at the speed of light. As such EM radiation exists outwith the classical notion of space and time. Because your free will can also be defined as being a wavelength frequency in the EM spectrum, your soul can likewise be described as existing outwith both space and time. At the moment of your death in this life, the particular wavelength frequency of your free will, will instantaneously resonate in harmony with the particular collective consciousness of the planet which most accurately harmonises with the wavelength frequency of your own free will. This resonance will determine which particular planet you will be reincarnated on in your next life and also the quality of existence you can expect to have on that planet. (This is the ultimate definition of Eastern Karma. It could be referred to as reaping what you sow).

It follows then that if the wavelength frequency of your free will at the moment of your death resonates in harmony with the compassionate collective consciousness of a 'paradise society' then that will be the planet you will be reincarnated on in your next life. The profound consequence of being reincarnated in your next life in a paradise civilisation, is that at the moment of your death on that planet, because you will not have been exposed to sin during your life, the wavelength frequency of your free will, will again resonate in harmony with another paradise civilisation. This infinite cycle of physical deaths and rebirths on different paradise planets becomes eternal and therefore represents the true definition of your immortal soul existing in Heaven.

This may be a once in an eternity opportunity for your soul to enter Heaven. Every time a soul is reincarnated, all knowledge and information of the life lived previously is lost. In your next life and in the infinity of physical lives you will live thereafter, you will never know that in this life, you were given the knowledge that Heaven actually exists and is/was attainable. In the infinity of your future reincarnations and for all eternity you may never again know that Heaven exists and is attainable by every living soul. It is only when a person realises the profound implications of entering Heaven and how wondrous that concept is that it is reasonable to assume that by comparison, an eternal existence in anything other than this perpetual paradise is equivalent to existing in Hell.

It turns out that entering Heaven is as easy as falling off a log. All a person has to do is to treat others as you wish to be treated yourself – with respect, tolerance, compassion, empathy and love. (This known as the Golden Rule}. By doing so, you will ensure that at the moment of your death in this life, the wavelength frequency of your Free Will soul will be in harmony and resonate with the EM radiation of the collective consciousness of a paradise civilisation on another Earth like planet.

If you choose from this moment on that you will live your life by the golden rule and so treat all living things in a manner you would wish to be treated yourself, then your place in Heaven for your eternal soul at the moment of your death is guaranteed and you have nothing to worry about in this life. The physical life you are living now, is but one in an infinity of separate existences in the eternal cycle of the reincarnation of your soul. The process of reincarnation occurs in a Quantum vacuum state dimension of equilibrium which is outwith the 4-D concept of space and time.

How you choose to live your life after you read this is entirely up to you and you alone. You are the present living custodian of your eternal soul. How you respond to this information from this moment on is recorded in the particular timeless wavelength frequency of your Free Will soul. You cannot hide or camouflage the wavelength frequency of your Free Will. This particular wavelength frequency of your free Will at the moment of your death wholly determines the quality of life you can expect in your next life. On every occasion of a rebirth in another physical existence, the life that you will live always represents the beginning of your own soul's future eternity of reincarnations.

If this theory on the reincarnation of the soul and the concept of the possibility of our soul existing for eternity in paradise proves to be true, it represents the most profound implication for the whole of humanity - It represents the big decision time for every single individual person presently living on Earth.

If you choose not to live by the golden rule and continue to follow the words of those who brainwash you, your soul will not be going to Heaven when you die. The resonant wavelength frequency of your free will soul always betrays your true thoughts and feelings in your heart – your Free Will soul will always give you away. The reward of Heaven is only for the good guys I'm afraid - this is the way it is, the way it has always been and the way it always will be. However, if you are one of the bad guys then we'll say our goodbyes and you can be on your way. Incidentally, it matters not a jot to the multiverse as a whole whether you choose personally not to believe in the concept of soul, reincarnation and/or Heaven – provided you live your life as one of the good guys, you have nothing to worry about.

Your choice of whether your own future eternal soul shall go to either Heaven or Hell is up to nobody else but you. The kind of choices you make in your life as always, is determined by your Free Will. This is the most profound decision your soul will ever make. The consequences for your soul and consciousness are eternal damnation from Heaven.

I am sure that the living beings who exist in a global paradise, will have evolved to be a far more enlightened species than humankind is at present. The souls of such compassionate enlightened individuals are far more likely to be reincarnated again in their next existence on the same planet whilst the epoch of enlightenment exists on that planet. The concept of reincarnation of the soul will be matter of fact to these civilisations in these worlds. There will be a total understanding by this society of the importance of living by the Golden Rule. They will know that any deviance from this approach to life will be registered in the wavelength frequency of their Free Will soul and so banished from Heaven. This guideline will govern every thought and action of every individual in their day to day life in paradise.

There must be millions of people who have become wealthy by doubtful means through cheating, lying and with little regard for the welfare of their fellow human beings. They may regard themselves nonetheless as being successful individuals. They may very well like and enjoy their present lifestyle and regard an infinity of the same existences as their version of Heaven. However people should be careful of what they wish for. The wavelength frequency of your Free Will soul determines only the kind of society you will be reborn into. Those who perpetrate evil will be reborn on a planet at a period in it's history where evil exists and is prevalent in the society as a whole. There is a distinct possibility that those who oppress other human beings in this life will find themselves on the side of the oppressed in their next existence.

The Free Will wavelength frequency of the soul of our last existence for every human being who exists on this planet at this moment in time, culminated in our souls being reincarnated here on Earth. Every one of the kind of individuals we were in our last existence must have been a wholly unsavoury character for us to be reborn in this shithole world. This present global society is as far from being a paradise as can possibly be imagined.

I apply the ethics of the Golden Rule in every aspect of my day to day life with regard to everyone I meet. By doing so I am ensuring that my soul will instantaneously be reincarnated on a paradise planet at the moment of my death. As such, I know for certainty that my immortal soul shall enter Heaven.

The enlightened civilisation I will be reincarnated into, will be fully aware of the eternal cycle of reincarnation and will therefore be fully aware that their souls are existing in Heaven. Every individual on that planet will know that the only God which exists is the person they were in their previous life and who ensured that their soul will continue to exist in Heaven is perpetuated.

If this theory is a lot of pish, then I'll be none the wiser after I die. But if I do not live my life according to the Golden Rule, then I am guaranteeing that I shall never know whether Heaven exists or not. So by doing so, what have I got to lose other than my own eternal soul.

The only consolation I can offer those who personally choose not to take the path of least resistance and follow the golden rule, is that in the future eternity of separate infinite reincarnations of your soul existing outwith the realm of Heaven, you will be forever unaware that you were given this one unique opportunity to enter Heaven in this life.
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Re: Although there is no God, Heaven DOES exist nonetheless

#2 Post by Compassionist » January 19th, 2018, 8:36 pm

How do I know that souls exist? Isn't omnibenevolence superior to the Golden Rule? I am convinced that omnibenevolence is the best code of conduct. I just need to upgrade myself with omniscience and omnipotence to go along with my omnibenevolence. Then I can go back in time and prevent all suffering and make all beings equally omnibenevolent, omniscient and omnipotent then we can share all of the omniverse in blissful harmony.

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